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Old Pine Slivers

Use "The Old Pine Sliver" to give your floor that professional finish! "Slivering" quickly and easily fills those unsightly gaps in between wooden boards with wedges of old reclaimed floorboard.

Buy slivers online from £30 per pack

Above: A before and after shot of a regular wood floor and one the Slivered and sanded floor. Slivers are quick and easy to fit and stop draights and smells coming up through the floor!

Above: A Slivered and sanded floor. To view for our recommended instructiuons for Slivereing, view our 'Instructions For Use'.

Aren’t natural wooden floors lovely? With the variety of grains that enhance the diversity of nature, something not available in mass-produced floors.

"We are absolutely thrilled with our doors. Phil and Nick Osman spent hours yesterday trimming them so that they fit our very wonky floors and they are looking stunning. Thank you all!"
C Sands, Twickenham

"I would also like to say how pleased we are with the work that was carried out. The standard was excellent and the sum charged for the replacement boards was very reasonable. We intend to have more of our floorboards sanded in the near future and we'll have no hesitation using you for this work. Many thanks from a very satisfied customer!"
Andrew and Lindsay, Southampton

"Lovely job, just what we wanted. The workmen were very professional and they took the trouble to find the right dark stain we wanted on our floors. Very pleased!"
Shirley, Southampton

The only problem with natural wood flooring is that modern heating and house movement causes boards to retract and expand, causing natural shrinkage and leaving gaps between each board. These collect dust and hair – an issue for those who clean the house. Gaps in floorboards can also result in draughts and creaking. Now…

Imagine if you could fill those gaps quickly and easily – and get a professional looking natural wooden floor without the gaps?

Well... now you can, because The Old Pine Company have created a solution...

We’ve invented the Sliver, which is used to fill the gaps, helping to prevent dust build up and giving you the chance to create a professional-looking floor with minimal fuss. What's more, if you have a pipe under the floor board, or squeaky boards, rather than nailing it you can put a Sliver in.

The majority of fillers start to shrink, change colour and fall out.

So, the OLD PINE COMPANY has invented the solution to filling gaps you've been looking for...

THE OLD PINE SLIVER - a wedge of reclaimed pine that fills gaps, prevents dust and takes applications of varnish or water-borne sealer finish (which keep floors their natural colour). So you can fill gaps quickly and easily, with minimal fuss!

"We used to put pieces of wood into gaps that were straight, but came up with the wedge solution to fill the gaps in wood, as we realised this would fit any gap, no matter what the shape or size of the wood flooring. Alternative fillers would also fall out".
xplains proprietor, Richard.

In a nutshell

The Old Pine Sliver is made from genuine old reclaimed floorboards

Use the OLD PINE Sliver to give your floor that professional finish

Slivering fills the gaps in between wooden boards with wedges made of old reclaimed wood.

  • Seals better
  • Stops draughts - no cold air through gaps
  • Stops odours
  • Tightens floors up, keeping it solid
  • No visible edges
  • Gives a lasting and satisfying finish to your floor

The Old Pine Sliver is the ideal way to fill those gaps and easy to use:

The OLD PINE Sliver is available in two widths and two lengths:

Length: 50cm and 100cm
Widths: 6mm-0mm and 8mm-0mm

Slivers are available to buy online from £35 per pack.

  • 100cm length Slivers (pack of 100)
    6mm-0mm width
  • 50cm length Slivers (pack of 100)
    6mm-0mm width
  • 100cm length Slivers (pack of 100)
    8mm-0mm width
  • 50cm length Slivers (pack of 100)
    8mm-0mm width
  • 100cm length Slivers (mixed pack of 100)
    6mm-0mm / 8mm - 0mm width

Statement Of Fact

An Old Pine Sliver is made from genuine, old, reclaimed floor boards that we collect from houses being knocked down or demolished. We collect the floor boards, remove nails, and make sure that they are not wet. We cut them to either 1m or 50cm lengths, then, cut them on an angle making them into a wedge shape of either 6mm or 8mm.

When we come to a knot or a hole in the floorboard, from where the board was fixed, the wood will break in halve, this is no good for a sliver of 1m. We use these slivers on floors that we, personally, sand and seal.

We make at least one bag of sawdust a day out of every 100ft of board that we cut. 30%can go out as rubbish due to tacks holes, areas where there are knots, or holes made for the radiators and other things.

Our company is extremely aware about recycling and the environment, we recycle everything that we can to cut down on unwanted waste and do our bit for the planet.

We are a caring company; we care about the planet, which is why we recycle everything.

We have invested large amounts of money to purchase machinery to enable us to recycle all waste wood. We make our waste into Briquettes, which, you can safely burn on an open fire or a log burner. This has also cut our waste down by 90% per week.

There are copies of our Slivers being brought in from Eastern Europe, please be aware that pines are different, the pine that is brought in does not hold stain or paint well and the finish can be very rough.

We try to keep our price as low as possible but with genuine old wood it is difficult.

We believe that the imports coming into our country are made from wood that is used to make pallets. We do not use this wood as it is coarse and leaves a very poor finish. The suppliers of these slivers may be trying to sell them as reclaimed wood. The reason for our Slivers being the price they are is simply because they are genuine reclaimed wood, and they leave a lovely finish.

Quality Assurance, at all times...

Instructions for fitting Slivers

Step 1: Re-nail floor, punching all nail heads into the floor 3-4mm deep
Step 2: Clean joints out carefully, taking care not to catch any electric cables/water pipes, etc

Step 3:

Take the wedges (“Slivers”), place them into the joints (ie. the gaps between the boards) to check that the Sliver ‘seems at home’.

Remove Sliver and put glue down each side.

Now place Sliver into the gap, take a hammer and bounce it up along the Sliver, forcing it into the gap. The further it goes in, the better. The Slivers will squash the boards up.

Step 4: Continue in this way, filling in the gaps, hammering all the Slivers until the whole room is tight and filled. Leave it to dry for a minimum of 4 hours, ideally overnight if possible.

Step 5:

Next, with a sharp chisel, cut the tops of the Slivers off level with the floor. If the glue has been left to harden overnight, you can kick the Slivers off, leaving the joints filled.

Once this is completed, clean it all up and the room is ready for sanding.

Step 6: Sand the floor yourself or have The Old Pine Company sand your floor for you to leave it dust free.

Tel: 02380 570 666
Mobile: 07973 671245
Email: info@oldpinecompany.co.uk

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Made-To-Measure Pine with Lead Glass from £485
Made-To-Measure Pine with Lead Glass from £485
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Old Pine Slivers from £30

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